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Because Business Never Stands Still

You might be an industry leader, or perhaps your company is on the way to becoming one.  And you're facing some challenges: problems in the pipeline, cost gone out of control, something not working on that one team or with the package somebody sold you-the one that was supposed to solve everything, and who knows, maybe it will someday.  In the meantime, you see the competition gaining.  You need to make the right moves, and you need to make them now.  You need Key Plays Consulting, Inc.


Key Plays Consulting, Inc. works with companies large and small to help them identify the issues preventing them from operating at their best.  But we don't just hand you a template and walk away.  We think you deserve better.  You deserve that listening ear, people to consult with you who aren't far, far away or here today and gone tomorrow.  We're right in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we've been scoping, planning, testing and executing projects on time and within budget for San Francisco Fortune 500 companies for fourteen years.


You deserve people whose expertise working with a variety of personalities and work styles across disciplines and industry sectors means we're up to speed in a heartbeat and can read between the lines.  You deserve more than a by-the-numbers assessment and a report.  You deserve people with the know-how to recommend and help you implement strategies that have worked for others facing similar challenges, a company with the dedication to follow through and make sure everything is humming.  You deserve the company that knows business is a moving target, and will help you keep up with a pace that can seem faster every minute.  The good news is that it really just comes down to Key Plays.


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